Three years ago I had to bid a very sad farewell to my rambling buddy, the gorgeous Labrador called Chocolat. She was only 8 but developed an inoperable tumour in her head.  Letting go of a hound that means the world to you,

and that has seen you through chaos you never would have expected to face, has been one of the most difficult

decisions I've ever had to make..


She was the inspiration for our rambles and she taught me to value every moment as it happened.

In honour of her I continue to ramble and continue to capture the moments, and embrace the reality, that she

taught me to see.

You only live the life you create for yourself.  Everything changes.  All the time.  This is me and my world.  

A self-taught photographer who's a little frayed around the edges.  A little wiser, sometimes fragile, 

but always stepping out with courage.

During the day I run and manage a fashion boutique, and photograph in the early mornings and evenings.

I blog occasionally too, about my take on life and the challenges that shape it.

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